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Dignity in Transition 

Caring and Compassionate Home Relocation services in the Capital Region

About Dignity in Transition


My name is Louisa Hickson. I created Dignity in Transition to alleviate the burdens placed upon individuals and their families when it's time to transition to a new phase of life. I have more than 25 years of experience as a Health Care Aide and have witnessed the amount of stress and anxiety this move can cause. I offer my years of first-hand experience, as well as practical help, to allow the person making this transition to do so with dignity and ease.

What makes Dignity in Transition different is that our main focus is on helping our clients settle in their new residence. We help them settle by providing a personalized caring approach. We can provide this service based on our experience as health care aids who worked in retirement/long term care facilities.


We also understand that each client has different needs based on their health and mobility. We will take the time necessary to gently and patiently discuss with my clients what items they would like to take with them and then provide practical advice on what can be taken. This advice is offered based on our understanding of residents' needs living in a retirement or long term care facility.

We also provide grieving families with the service of removing personal belongings from a room or home should a loved one passes away, and disposing of unwanted items.



Louisa took the time to get to know what I was truly looking for during my move. She helped me make the decisions that were best for me. 


Dignity in Transition helped take much of the anxiety out of my  father's move.  Louisa worked with my father to understand what his needs were and exceeded our expectations.


Louisa took great care of my belongings. She helped set me organize and set-up my personal effects exactly the way I wanted.  

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