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Moving In
No job is too big or small. Let us help take the guess work out of your relocation and organization needs. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Services Offered


Moving of Belongings to Care Facilities

Relocating into an old age home or long term care facility can be a very difficult and emotionally draining process. It is that much more difficult when one needs to leave their home with all its memories. It is normal that there will be great sadness and apprehension when one must leave their home and relocate to retirement or long term care home.

With a gentle approach, we will discuss with our clients what items would be appropriate to move into their new space such as clothing, pictures, precious items, and possibly small pieces of furniture which may fit. We will do this based on the floor plan of the room and the furniture which will be provided by the institution. We also take into consideration any rules or regulations that institutions may have regarding items that can be used at the facility.


Packing and Unpacking Personal Items

We will pack the belongings that have been decided upon with care and attention. We will then unpack these items and place them in the appropriate places in the new room. We help to set up the new space which would include such things as putting clothing in drawers, setting up toiletries in a practical way and helping with the placement of furniture items. Additionally, we also hang pictures and photos where our clients want them to be to help make the new environment feel as much as home as is possible.

Decluttering and Organization

We offer decluttering/organizing services for the home that our client is moving from. We will assist by having sorting sessions, help with the sale or gifting of extra items, arrange charity pickups, look after trash removal, and finally preparing the home for sale if need be. We will label the client’s clothing with his/her name so that it does not get lost when being laundered by the facility.

Final Removal of Belongings From Care Facility

We can also help families with the removal of personal items from a room of a long term care facility should the occupant pass away. In our experience should a loved one pass away in a long term care facility or a retirement home, the institution will want the room cleared as soon as possible so they can provide it to someone on their waiting list. This can be extremely stressful on the grieving family. We offer the service of removal of personal items from the room so that families can focus on funeral arrangements and other final settlements.

Interior Painting and Cleaning

Having a clean living space is important and we provide cleaning and painting services to help create a pleasant environment for our clients and their families.

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